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Thursday, 1 October 2009

here we go...

so from now on Death Cigarettes are known as Cold IN Berlin. It was a difficult change (who knew changing a name could be hard?) but we have done it.

It was suggested by our management and our PR...and it is probably for the best. Lots of potential problems with copyright for Death Cigarettes in the future, when the album comes out, also other stuff too (but nothing else that would make us think about changing really).

I wanted to be Kharms (after Kharms-obviously!) but that sounded too much like Kasms, then I wanted to be NUL- after playing around with synonyms for 'nothing' but there is a band called nul already and they are doing quite well.

After that I wanted to be White Horse, mainly because I was writing a song called that at the time and was feeling a bit bleak about most things. But there are hundreds of bands called white horse!So that was a NO also.

A little later when I thought we would never find a name I dug through some old photos. There were lots of lovely memories from a holiday with my best friend to Berlin. And it was fucking freezing. So cold in fact that I refused to get out of bed in the morning and he would run down stairs to the buffet table and grab as much as he could carry, then he would put it on the radiator in our room and go back to sleep.

That was just how we were living those days.

When we woke we would peel the bacon and bread from the radiator, eat and then put on as many layers as we could manage. Then we would try to forget our hangovers and wonder around looking for a place to party that night.

We were cold in berlin and we were having a fucking amazing time!

Not the 'deepest' of reasons. But still, reason enough for me.

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